Our first project year 2014-2015

What we did:each partner
- produced materials (posters and PPT slide shows about each country involved in the project) about the geographical features and the historical background of their own city, languages spoken, facilities for sports and leisure time, jobs, typical food and famous people
- held public events in each school introducing the project
- produced CLIL module “Interesting places/monuments in my city/town”
- held a logo competition -> the official logo for the project
- shared assessment and evaluation materials for teachers, parents and children (questionnaires, etc.)
- produced two paper games: a memory game about interesting places and monuments and a question puzzle
- produced two online games: Who wants to be a millionaire and
- produced weather reports shared on the website
- held Skype chats between the partner schools -> children got a chance to interview each other
- had three partner meetings: in Germany, in Belgium and in Italy
- updated the website: http://eurodreamcity.eu/
- had a dissemination event to inform teachers, parents, children, local community and local/regional/national authorities about the project activities and results and to promote the cooperation among the European schools.

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The aim of this project is to develop a greater awareness of Europe by using ICT, social media and innovative practices. The main aim is to ensure children’s motivation to be educated in different styles of learning and to extent the need to learn new. Through the project the participating schools will encourage the languages learning necessity, the ICT creativity prospect and the method of students teaching other students.
The project will enlarge our educational background knowledge, will help us all to create a better cultural and linguistic context which will give us the opportunity to enrich our creativity and professional standards and will add a European dimension to our citizenship. This project will give the students the opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages and the environment of the partner schools in a meaningful context.

By working on the project the teachers and students of each school will delve into their own cultural identity, become proud of themselves and be ready to take the role of ambassador; we will create an environment of solidarity, openness and respect for other cultures and support European citizenship.
The project's activities will promote the use of a wide range of ICT tools and stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills because students are going to arrive at a shared vision of a model future European city/society.

The staff of the schools will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the different school systems and to share innovative teaching methods like CLIL, peer-tutoring and flipped classrooms.

Children will produce videos which will be used in a flipped class in the partner countries to introduce and teach foreign students the characteristics of their country. We will prepare a language tool to get to know a basic vocabulary from the participating countries.
Through ICT, we will share products between the participating schools and to the eTwinning portal.
Teachers will have the opportunity to teach and being taught by others, since in the project meetings each teacher that has an expertise in a specific subject will prepare a taught program visiting for the others.
The concrete objectives are to promote cultural awareness and creativity throughout the whole of our partner schools communities.